Affordable Dental Plans for you and your Family

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Health care can be expensive, and many times dental is not included on basic health insurance plans. This shouldn’t be a deterrent though to not visit the dentist and get your teeth checked. Preventative dentistry habits can stop you having to pay lots of money for a problem that could have been avoided if caught early on. An estimated 132 million people in America do not have dental insurance. This is a shame when many family dental plans start out as low as $129.00 per year.

It is recommended to read carefully over any dental plan before you sign up and pay. Check to see how many teeth cleanings are included per year for your family. Make sure your family dentist is a preferred provider. Ask questions such as, how much does the plan pay towards emergency procedures such as a root canal.

Is cosmetic dentistry included in the plan? If you needed teeth removed, will the plan pay for implants or just dentures? A big concern for parents is the cost of braces. If you think braces will be a part of your children’s reality be sure to read up the orthodontist coverage section of the plan.

Finding the right insurance for you and your family can be done in a couple of ways. You can do a simple internet search and see what plans are available in your area and in your price range. Or, you can call your existing health insurance company and find out if they offer dental coverage. Many times you will be offered a monetary discount if you combine policies under one provider.Finally, you can ask your dental office who they recommend. They should be able to offer you advice on what plans offer the most bang for your buck!