It can be a little confusing when you hear the terms bridges, crowns and fillings, what purpose do they each have?  At Broadwater Dentistry in Biloxi Mississippi, we perform all three procedures. If you find you are starting to lose teeth, a bridge can be a great tool to help keep your remaining teeth functioning.

Gold and porcelain are the two most common substances to make bridges out of. The bridge will be individually created for you, attaching fake teeth to your remaining adjacent teeth. While your bridge is being made in a lab, your dentist may provide you with a temporary bridge in the interim. A crown is designed to feel and look like real teeth.

Your teeth will be shaped, and if needed, decay will be removed. Then, using ceramic or porcelain, the crown will be fitted on each tooth. Crowns are a wonderful way to give you a bright, good looking, and natural smile. Last of all, a filling is used when you have experienced a cavity. The decayed part of the tooth is removed and then filled in with a substance. It used to be common for fillings to be made out of silver and mercury.

Nowadays, a composite filling is more common. This is a filling made out of a tooth colored substance. They look more natural, and don’t pose health risks which some of the older fillings made out of metal could, nor do they expand and contract which metal fillings can do.  Fillings may need to be replaced over time, just like crowns and bridges. At Broadwater we do our best to make sure you get as much life out of all three procedures as possible.