Broadwater Is Cosmetic Dentistry only for celebrities and rich people?

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It is a misconception to think that cosmetic dentistry is only for celebrities and rich people, yet understandable to think so.  There are numerous make over shows on TV that highlight people undergoing physical transformations and part of this transformation includes getting a mouth full of shiny white perfect teeth. There is more to cosmetic dentistry though than what is shown on TV. Cosmetic dentistry has a purpose which is to give people more confidence with their appearance, but it is also a functional way to take care of dental issues in an ascetically pleasing manner. Do not be intimidated by the cost of cosmetic dentistry, or the misconception of potential cost.

As new procedures are developed and becoming increasingly available to all patients their cost is going down. Not only this, but more and more health insurance plans are incorporating cosmetic dental procedures into their coverage plans. Call up your insurance provider and ask what they cover, you may be surprised. If your health care provider only covers a certain amount of cost of a cosmetic procedure you want and need, speak to your dentist or office staff and ask if they offer a payment plan that allows you to pay in installments over time. Here at Broadwater Dental in Biloxi Mississippi we would love to help you with your cosmetic dentistry needs. Call us or drop us an email and we will answer all your questions and offer cosmetic dental advice.