Broadwater Dental Implants

dental implantsDental implants can be a great alternative to dentures. The two most common options presented to you by your dentist will be endosteal implants or subperiosteal implants. Your dentist will explain the pros and cons of each one and determine which one is best suited for you. Dental Implants are metal frames or posts that are positioned surgically under your gums in your jawbone.

They are the first stage in allowing your dentist to add replacement teeth into your mouth. It is this stage that makes dental implants so stable. There is little risk of them moving around or shifting in your mouth allowing you to eat and speak in comfort. This makes them a great alternative to dentures or bridges.

They are much more comfortable and a bonus is no adjacent teeth need to be ground or altered to fit them into place. The only catch is, you need to have enough jaw bone to hold the implant, and healthy gums to support it.  If your jaw bone is not strong enough, your dentist may recommend a bone graph to offer support. Once implanted, you can’t slack off with dental hygiene! Regular dentist appointments will be needed and good daily dental habits need to be implemented.  Dental implants can be more expensive when compared to traditional dentures and are not necessarily covered by dental insurance.  So it could be a procedure you need to think about and save up for, but it will be a wise investment.