Causes of Bad Breath

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Dentists call bad breath Halitosis, it is very common effecting 1 in 5 people.Bad breath can be caused by a few different factors. If you just ate strong food such as garlic or curry it can leave a lingering smell until you brush your teeth or chew some gum. Plaque that is on your teeth is food for bacteria which can also make breath smell rotten.Infrequent flossing can make bad breath worse, flossing reaches places your toothbrush doesn’t and gets rid of smelly food particles. Tongue bacteria is another problem, so be sure to brush your tongue as well. In fact, some dentists believe bacteria on the tongue is responsible for up to 80% of Halitosis.

Other causes of bad breath can be smoking, you may be used to the smell if you are a smoker, but nonsmokers around you will be sure to notice. Morning breath isn’t pleasant, but occurs because over the night, less saliva is produced so bacteria multiplies faster. This is similar to dry mouth. If your mouth is dry and you are not producing enough saliva, it means food particles are not being washed away and they build up. This leads to bad breath. Lack of saliva is normally a result of certain medications or breathing out of your mouth instead of your nose.

A not too common problem, but one that still deserves a mention is an infection in your mouth. Did you have oral surgery? Wisdom teeth taken out? Or did you bite the inside of your mouth or tongue hard and deep? This could set the scene for an infection to settle in. Antibiotics can help with this.

If your bad breath is still an issue even after visiting the dentist and getting a cleaning and following good dental hygiene, then it can be a sign of certain medical conditions. These include tonsil stones, diabetes, gastrointestinal issues, respiratory tract infections and chronic sinus issues.