Dental Implant Surgery – it is worth the time investment

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If you find yourself missing a tooth, consider dental implant surgery to restore your smile. The implant replaces the missing tooth roots with metal. A screw like post is inserted and artificial teeth are attached. It is a modern alternative to potentially ill-fitting bridgework or dentures and truly looks like a real tooth.

Dental implant surgery can be a longer process then fitting for dentures. This is because depending on what type of implant is used, and the condition of a person’s jawbone, the implant may have to be done in stages. Part of this is due to the healing time, which involves allowing bone to tighten around the implant. Some patients heal faster than others, so the recovery time is different for everyone. Do not let this scare you though! The results are worth the time. The titanium implants eventually fuses with your jawbone ensuring they will not move, slip, or make noise when you eat.

Your dentist will determine if you qualify for an implant based on some of the following factors; Will you be able to commit to the timeframe required for healing?How many teeth are you missing?Has your jawbone stopped growing? Is your general oral health good? These questions will be asked so your dentist can determine risk factors for infection, injury to other teeth andpossible nerve or sinus issues. These issues are rare, but it is always good to prepare for possible outcomes.

Before surgery, X-rays will be taken, and a personalized treatment plan for your mouth and implants will be created. Part of the dental team working on you could be a dentist, a maxillofacial surgeon, and other specialists. Anesthesia options will be presented to you and you should prepare to have someone drive you home after the implant is inserted.

Some of the surgery stages will be as follows. The problem tooth with be removed, there may be bone grafting as the jawbone is prepared for surgery, the metal implant is then placed in the jawbone, there will be a healing time (possibly a couple of months) then the extension and new tooth is placed on the metal post. The results will be a natural looking smile, worth the time and investment.