Featuring Broadwater’s Mobile App

mobile app

Broadwater Dental has a new app designed by B Online Marketing Solutions. The Broadwater app can be downloaded for free from the App store or onto your Android device. This interactive app shows clearly why Broadwater Dental is your home for everything dental. The app allows you to meet the staff at Broadwater Dental, call them directly, send them an email and pinpoint their location via a map. You can even get directions to their office with a push of a button.

Their opening hours are clearly displayed and you can leave comments for people to read and staff members to address.  There is even a feature that allows you to ask the dentist questions directly! This app really makes you feel you can reach out to Broadwater Dental at any time.

For basic information about Broadwater Dental, read through the “About Us” and “Dental” section. In these sections you can learn about the dental services offered and how the office operates. Scrolling through the drop down menu you will find links to the Broadwater Website, a link to their bi-weekly blog and an opportunity to read comments left on the “Fan Wall”.

One of the greatest tools found within the app is the appointment feature. You can make an appointment right from your phone or tablet and receive a confirmation from Broadwater. There is a social media icon that lets you access Broadwater’s Facebook page, Google Plus, Twitter and Pinterest page.

B Online hopes you enjoy the app and all the services it has to offer. If you have trouble navigating through the app please call Broadwater Dental and a staff member will be more than happy to walk you through it.