How to Get a Celebrity Smile

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Have you ever flipped through the pages of a magazine and wondered how all the celebrities have amazing, perfect looking white teeth? Chances are, they were not born with them. When they visit a dentist, they normally see a cosmetic dentist who works on making their smile look beautiful. If you see a smile you want for your own, don’t hesitate to show an example of that smile to your dentist and see if he/she can make it your reality! Cosmetic dentists take pride in their work and view improving a smile as an art form.

Normally celebrities use a combination of teeth whitening and veneers to get their teeth looking perfect. Teeth whitening trays can be used or lasers. Veneers work by removing part of the tooth which can then have a custom made thin porcelain sheet placed over the tooth giving it a perfect appearance. Some will even make the commitment to get adult braces. One thing for sure though, is they follow these simple tips. They watch their diet, staying away from acidic food lessons the chance of teeth erosion. They are aware that alcohol turns to sugar and can cause structure damage of the tooth. Fluoride helps make teeth resistant to breakdown and can make them stronger, an alternative to fluoride is calcium phosphate. Most celebrities will carry a toothbrush with them and brush after their meals. If you look at photos in magazines, you will notice celebrities drinking tea and coffee from a straw hoping this will less on the staining impact on their teeth.