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Why Restorative Dentistry May Be Right For You

Do you have any idea about restorative dentistry? This pertains to a procedure primarily designed to bring back both the health and proper function to the teeth. From dental filling down to root canal procedure, restorative dentistry Biloxi can definitely help protect not only the health, but also the stability of your smile. Many people. [Read more…]

Broadwater Is Cosmetic Dentistry only for celebrities and rich people?

It is a misconception to think that cosmetic dentistry is only for celebrities and rich people, yet understandable to think so.  There are numerous make over shows on TV that highlight people undergoing physical transformations and part of this transformation includes getting a mouth full of shiny white perfect teeth. There is more to cosmetic. [Read more…]

Broadwater Overcoming Your Fear of the Dentist

Let’s be honest, here at Broadwater Dentistry in Biloxi Mississippi we understand most people don’t want to come and see us! We are aware that the majority of people do not look forward to their dentist appointments. Thankfully, most of our patients understand how necessary it is for dental health to visit us at least. [Read more…]

Broadwater | ORAL SURGERY

Oral surgery sounds a little scary! At Broadwater Dentistry in Biloxi Mississippi we would like to take some of the fear away. Unlike other surgeries, some oral surgery can be performed in your dentist’s office and not in a hospital. This is due to the limited recovery time and types of anesthesia used. Plus, some. [Read more…]


It can be a little confusing when you hear the terms bridges, crowns and fillings, what purpose do they each have?  At Broadwater Dentistry in Biloxi Mississippi, we perform all three procedures. If you find you are starting to lose teeth, a bridge can be a great tool to help keep your remaining teeth functioning.. [Read more…]