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Dental Implant Surgery – it is worth the time investment

If you find yourself missing a tooth, consider dental implant surgery to restore your smile. The implant replaces the missing tooth roots with metal. A screw like post is inserted and artificial teeth are attached. It is a modern alternative to potentially ill-fitting bridgework or dentures and truly looks like a real tooth. Dental implant. [Read more…]

Brushing and Dental Floss

One of the most common questions that dentists and dental nurses are asked by their patients is “Do I brush my teeth first and floss second, or floss first and brush second?” The patients concern is wondering which sequence will result in healthier teeth. In all honesty, it is not what order you do them. [Read more…]

Affordable Dental Plans for you and your Family

Health care can be expensive, and many times dental is not included on basic health insurance plans. This shouldn’t be a deterrent though to not visit the dentist and get your teeth checked. Preventative dentistry habits can stop you having to pay lots of money for a problem that could have been avoided if caught. [Read more…]

Seeing a Cosmetic Dentist for Emergency Procedures

It is a myth that you only need to see a cosmetic dentist for procedures that beautify your teeth and smile. The field of Cosmetic Dentistry actually covers both the esthetics and health of your teeth.While a cosmetic dentist will be up to date in procedures to make your smile shine bright with good looking. [Read more…]

Dentures and Cosmetic Dentistry – Why implants could be a better option

If you are tired of loose-fitting dentures, schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist. They can improve your appearance while providing you with a dependable solution that is as secure as your natural teeth once were. Many people go to a cosmetic dentist following tooth loss, but they can treat people who have gotten dentures. [Read more…]