Seeing a Cosmetic Dentist for Emergency Procedures

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It is a myth that you only need to see a cosmetic dentist for procedures that beautify your teeth and smile. The field of Cosmetic Dentistry actually covers both the esthetics and health of your teeth.While a cosmetic dentist will be up to date in procedures to make your smile shine bright with good looking teeth, they do all the same procedures as a regular dentist. They clean teeth and can carry out a yearly, or bi annual dental check.

It can be beneficial to see a cosmetic dentist for regular appointments or in an emergency situation because you can use the opportunity as a time to discuss some cosmetic dental work you may be thinking of having, or they can suggest ideas while they work on you.

If you find yourself in an emergency dental situation such as a chipped tooth or a root canal cosmetic dentists can take care of it as well. In fact, seeing a cosmetic dentist first may save you having to see two different dentists and can take care of the procedure while using techniques that won’t just fix the problem, but will improve your smile at the same time. For example, if you find yourself in need of a root canal, some dentists will prefer to pull the tooth. A cosmetic dentist will do everything possible to save the tooth because their theory is that your natural tooth should try to be saved while exhausting all options. No replacement technique will ever be as good as your original teeth.When your teeth get cosmetically enhanced or treated by a cosmetic dentist, you do not just get a more beautiful set of teeth but a healthier set, as well.

Some dental emergencies can be:

Tooth Ache, cut or bitten tongue and cheek, broken tooth, knocked out tooth, continual bleeding after losing a baby tooth, lost filling and lost or broken crown.

So, if it is just for a checkup, or an emergency dental situation consider calling a cosmetic dentist.